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International Online Abacus Olympiad (IAO)

The biggest and the most anticipated event of year 2021 is back in all its glory. The International Online Abacus Olympiad 22 ! After years of successful competitions and discovering amazing talents, this season we have started inviting registrations for being the Next Big Sensation of the Abacus world.

The prime objective of the program is to spread the importance of Abacus learning to a wider audience and to encourage the arithmetic talents in all corners of the World.

Major attractions of the IAO 2022 are,

  • Open online competition.

  • Attractive prizes for winners.

  • Complimentary prizes for all participants.

  • Participants from 50+ Countries.


Dates to Remember



19th June 2022 to 31st August 2022


Mock Test

19th June 2022 - 31st August 2022



2nd, 3rd, 4th September 2022



15th September 2022


Students who have finished at least the first 2 levels of abacus from any of the abacus centers or Online or self-learned can participate in IAO.

Yes, you can also participate. But wish to inform you that you would be competing with students half your age. If you are confident then you can surely give it a try.

Yes, the day and the time can be finalized by you, as per your convenience.

Yes, registration and payment process is combined. Once you have decided to appear for IAO, you can register and make fee payment simultaneously from our website.

If you are a franchise referred student, if possible you can attempt it from the franchise classroom or else from your home. Others can do it either from their home.

The toppers list would be uploaded in the website on the given date. And others can check it by login to the IAO exam portal with their registered logins.

All the students participating in IAO exam are doing so, to self-evaluate the proficiency achieved in abacus by competing with other students Worldwide. So we hope all students would attempt the IAO exam with full honesty and sincerity

Student between the ages of 5 years to 15 years are eligible.

Yes, you can attend IAO from any place where uninterrupted power supply and internet connections are available.

All the student participating in IAO would be given the E-PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE and a surprise gift.


Click on the category tabs to see what's included in each. You must select the right category based on your level of Abacus proficiency.


Pattern : 1 & 2 digit 20 rows
Total : 5 Numbers
Time : 15 Minutes

Previous IAO Winners

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