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Structured Programme

Learning Abacus calculations can be very easy if you follow our fast paced learning tutorial. However, to master mental arithmetic skills, students must learn it in a slow paced and structured manner. Abacus requires continuous practice sessions on each topic, then only the speed and accuracy of the mental calculations can be achieved.

structured learning

“The difference between an ordinary Abacus student and an extraordinary Abacus student is PRACTICE” Leveraging the experience and reputation of AbacusMaster in the ‘Abacus’ teaching World, we have incorporated a structured learning style into our first ever interactive Abacus learning portal. The program follows a structured path where each topics are covered in detail with animated video explanations, practice worksheets, Anzan videos and online exams.

It is advised to stay in each level for minimum of two months and the examination can be taken once the child is fully confident. Only after passing the examination (students can try multiple times), student will be moved to next level.

Online Exam & Certifications

  • An online exam will be conducted at the end of eachlevel.
  • Student will be progressed to next level only after thesuccessful completion of exam.
  • Successful students will be awarded certificates fromAbacusMaster.
  • First certificate will be issued once the student hascompleted four level exams.
  • Final Certificate will be issued once the student hassuccessfully completed all the eight level exams.
  • E-certificate will be available after the successful completion of all 8 levels.

AbacusMaster Programme levels

Mental Accelerator

It is a tool designed to improve the speed of the visualisation skills. Student can customise the arithmetic operators, operands, series, speed, delay etc so that the practice can be made according to that.

Mental development programme

This tool along with Anzan videos in each level will increase the visualisation skills of the student. If the student can practice with mental accelerator, a chain of large numbers can be calculated in mind, within fraction of seconds, and way faster than calculators.

Expert Assistance

Premium AbacusMaster portal buyers will get the benefit of one to one google/zoom session from Abacus experts. Our portal is designed in a way that the student can learn by themselves without any assistance from trainers. However, if you require any assistance on training, we provide skype assistance by the Abacus experts. Please note, this feature is only to our premium users.

Abacus Expert assistance

One online session will be given at the time of portal purchase, which will be helpful for a student or parent to learn the basic techniques. After the session, user will be confident with Abacus rules and techniques, and can rely on portal to learn and practice further. In case of any support required during the learning process, our team will be available within 24 hours.

Main medium of training will be English, and we support other Indian languages too- Hindi, Marathi, Tamil & Malayalam.

Anzan Videos

Anzan is a method of flashing numbers on screen with a speed corresponds to student level. Students can practice visualization effectively with the help of Anzan videos given at all levels. More than 500 videos are available with different speeds, number series, operands, different number of digits etc are available for the students.

Anzan videos

With the help of audio, students can use this tool while practising with Abacus also. Abacuscentres usually have teachers reading out this for students, and the same can be achieved withour practice videos. With a sufficient pause after each series, answer will be shown and read outfor verification. This brings confidence and a competitive spirit for students to practice more andmore. Parents are advised to encourage them and praise them with positive compliments whilethey climb up to higher levels.

Infinite Practice Worksheets

Practice worksheets are limited always with Abacus study centres. It is evident that student requires more and more practice to master Abacus skills and parents or teachers have to create worksheets available for the students depending upon the stage of the student. This is considered to be highly time consuming and a hectic job. Not only they have to create customised worksheets, but have to get the answers calculated by themselves.

abacus infinite practice worksheet

With the help of technology, AbacusMaster creates a unique solution for this. Now, the parents, teachers, students can create their own worksheets with just a click. The system will generate infinite number of worksheets (questions will not be repeated) and is available upto 5 Digit 15 Rows Addition/ Subtraction. All the combinations are given separately and students can access the worksheets which are marked correctly against each levels.

Virtual Abacus

Portal learners can utilise the virtual abacus for learning the abacus bead movements and practise unlimited calculations on it. There are many sessions where students can test their skills on abacus, and this makes the learning more interactive.

AbacusMaster Virtual abacus

This virtual abacus has been widely used by AbacusMaster trainers while giving the lectures on abacus.

Animated Explanations

AbacusMaster tutorial is an animated and interactive software which will help kids to learn abacus quickly and efficiently. This abacus software explains how to use an abacus in a simple way. This tutorial helps a kid to use abacus for doing abacus calculations mentally and is the best abacus software for kids. AbacusMaster's abacus visualization module and video practice session are the best abacus practice software which will help kids to improve their speed and accuracy on abacus.

Abacus rules and movements are shown in animated explanations for the ease of learning. Plenty of example calculations are given. The video animations are accompanied with written and audio explanations on the screen.

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